I’m often asked what’s really happening economically, socially, and politically?

My answer from the heart is not appreciated by many, but the foundation to it is this belief:

Don’t expect to hear such a belief uttered within the financial services industry. For even if an individual believes as I do, who they work for will not want to see it expressed as part of their business.

Today’s concerns are worrisome enough. But to point to just one thing for the cause, and especially who and what that one thing is, will most definitely not be shared in the world of finance.

Thankfully, my real life experience, has led me to the real truth despite few, if any in my shoes, would dare speak about openly as I continue to do. Here’s who you’re up against:

For the few who remain with me, “God, Money and You” is your only real hope in a world where life is only going to get worse for many.

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