Sorry Gordon, “BITCON” is the greatest bubble story of  all-time!

When it comes to my history with “BITCON,” I would simply say use the same monies you would use to go to a casino until:

A – Said it was in a bubble and time to sell.
B – Said the so-called Whales never were able to get off large quantities, and were going to put together a pump to end all pumps. Stated it could hit $50k before years-end.
C – Said with the “Finkster” and his ETF sucking machine, they could run it to the halving (sometime in April).
D – If not above $75k shortly after the halving, watch out below!

By speaking about it publicly again, I opened myself up to the “CRYPTO-NUTS, who are most definitely a cult (and will not stand for any criticism and try to beat any into submission). I’ve been called a “DINASOUR” and a lot worse. I don’t need the publicity and a source for the cult to whine to.

I am done commenting on any regular basis and wish to maintain my focus on something far more important – building financial arks before its too late!

Shame on all the so-called financial journalists for allowing someone who in the 80s and 90s, would have been thrown in jail for doing less harm with penny stocks then sucking so many people in on a “sure thing”.

And finally, we were told as kids never trust a Fink. They had a history of being two-faced. Here, we had one who disliked “BITCON”. But when his firm could make untold millions from having an ETF, it became better then the invention of the wheel. When this Fink takes his compensation in “BITCON,” and not dollars, I may take another look at it. But until then –

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