Now in my 41st year in and around the financial arena, I found that the vast majority of investors have engaged one of the many different varities of traditional financial planning processes offered by most in the financial services industry. Sadly, most are seriously flawed, and many will never reach their stated financial goals. It’s not due to any dishonesty or unprofessional advice, but the fact their plan was DOA – DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

Why? There are a whole host of reasons, but one of the key factors is that most plans focus on increasing net worth through a variety of financial products, that all to often end up not performing close to the expectations the planner suggested could be their results. Another key is no plan B. Like life itself, model plans can never fully prepare for life’s constant changes. When the inevitable bump in the road or worse occurs, it’s literally back to the drawing board (or a change of planners themselves).

For 25 years, I have been truly blessed to be part of an alternative to traditional financial planning process that clearly demonstrates the key to success is focusing on efficiency of cash flow, versus chasing net worth. Show me a successful business owner or real estate investor, and I will show you someone who managed their cash flow correctly.

I asked my business partner of 25 years, David Suckey, to go through with me a sampling first meeting we have with potential clients:

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you (

To our Clients, who have already been blessed to go through this process with us, we encourage you to suggest David and I to others.

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It’s my belief that America has entered its worst-ever economic, social, and political era. I have stated that one must build a financial ark, ASAP!

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