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25 years ago, my career took a major turn for the better, when I would meet a man who would become my financial mentor, Frank Congilose.

I would also meet a young man, fresh out of college, who like me at the time, had just one bad habit – diehard NY Jets fan. He would become my business partner and the son I never had, David Suckey.

L. to R. Frank Congilose, PG, David Suckey

Our office in Wall Township, NJ

My home office after closing my “dream office” in Spring Lake, NJ in early 2021

My life story and several of my writings can be found here.

We’ve been blessed with so many great clients over the 25 years.

Some interviews with my partner Dave Suckey and I:

Three of my most favorite interviews:

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Former NY Giants and NY Yankees Chaplin, George McGovern