There are two ways to generate revenues for me: charge investors (subscription model), or have companies support my blog (sponsor model). I chose the latter, as it allows me to produce worthy content free to all.

As I move into the late Fall of my career and life (winter is old age in a rocking chair-not there yet!), I get to share my knowledge by speaking candidly about matters of finance without having to run a subscription-based service. There’s no requirement for any follower to buy anything, including shares in our sponsors. You will never be solicited to do so, and we never give your names to anyone, including the sponsors.

The sponsors believe the people who seek my commentaries may also be interested in what they are doing and believe what I have to say needs to be heard. I accept no stock options or any other compensation other than a monthly fee that at best, I will be able to pay my bills. This is no get rich quick scheme. I also will only accept sponsors that pass my criteria, which leaves many companies unable to be accepted. Those that I have accepted get the “Grandich Good Housekeeping seal of approval.” You can decide what that’s worth. I think it’s priceless.

I’ve stated for years and do again here:

1 – Failure is the norm in the junior resource business. Doesn’t mean there’s any dishonesty. Just means despite the best intentions, not everyone finds a future mine.

2 – You have to be both financially and mentally prepared to lose part or all your capital

If you get past #1 and #2, I greatly encourage you to look at these companies.

God Bless,

Peter Grandich