I want you to understand and appreciate why the blog has sponsors.

My income from the financial planning group I’m associated with is way down. Being highly negative on markets, having “less is more” as your motto, and the fact that the investing public in general, who have bought into the badly flawed traditional financial planning process most in the financial services industry use, are too scared now to change despite significant losses. All of this has led to a dramatic drop in my livelihood (and I don’t see this getting better any time soon).

I also made some poor investment decisions (amazing how a few trolls post somewhere how I was making money when in fact, I was losing just like others or worse), both in the markets and elsewhere. This has caused my wife’s and my (no fault of hers) financial security to be badly shaken. This, and some other factors, led to the severe depression I’ve been dealing with for several months.

The only God-given talent I have is to speak about markets and matters of finance in general. Many people want me to.

The sponsors obviously want their story to be known, but also believe my voice should be heard on financial matters. They pay a small fee that at best, I will be able to pay my bills (but not more). There’s no stock options or any hidden agenda.

I’ve stated for years and do again here:

1 – Failure is the norm in the junior resource business. Doesn’t mean there’s any dishonesty. Just means despite the best intentions, not everyone finds a future mine.

2 – You have to be both financially and mentally prepared to lose part or all your capital (I wasn’t last year and look what it led to).

If you get past #1 and #2, I greatly encourage you to look at these companies. They all offer a legitimate opportunity for success. I believe in what I say about them not for a small fee, but because the management and projects have both passed my “smell” test. No amount of fees could be paid if I couldn’t buy the stocks myself.

And remember, while the good Lord is the main reason I’m alive to speak about matters many want to hear, these companies are also keeping yours truly in a position to do so and only seek more awareness of their story. I think this is a win-win for everyone.