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Peter Grandich on X: “As stated earlier, having been an enormous gold bull from around $1,200, and then banging the tables in late 2022 when it was around $1,650 (and most forecasts were for a much further decline), I think $2,350 less than 2 years later is a good time to take some profits ( each…” / X (

In regards to other markets:

U.S. Stock Market – If and when it gets above DJIA 40,000, I will look to get short.  Anyone looking out past the next few weeks or months, should greatly consider this for holding equities next 5 – 7 years. Simply put, one needs to ask themselves – would I give up a part of gains in exchange for no loss of principle? Both mentally and financially something to give serious thought about.

U.S. Bonds – The “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd have been predicting interest rate cuts from late 2022. Today’s employment number makes that belief possibly go into 2025 before coming a reality. I continue to stick with T-Bills and CDs, with 1-2 yr durations only.

BITCON – Still struggling to push to new heights despite being the greatest single hyped product in history. This suggests to me that unless it gets into another gear after upcoming halving, look out below.

Last but most definitely not least – The surprised earthquakes in the Tri-state region, reminds me and those who can appreciate it:

Please have a most blessed weekend – Peter